About GetTutorialized

GetTutorialized is a website for people who are crazy for Robotics, Electronics, Embedded Systems. We upload videos of products in Robotics and Embedded Systems sponsored to us.
This helps our sponsors with Online Publicity and Product Marketing.

Other than Videos, we provide professional service in:

  • Embedded Systems Consultancy
  • Embedded Systems Publicity
  • Technical Event Coverage (Will be Published on Website)
  • Non Technical Event Coverage
  • Video Editing

  • Web Designing

  • Graphics Designing

Kshitij Dadhekar – CEO & Chief  Tutor- Profile

Kshitij Dadhekar

Swarnim Sinha- Graphics Designer & Video Editor

Swarnim Sinha


Karan Makharia – Technical Head, Arduino Tutor & Worshop In charge

Karan Makharia

Aniket Jadhav- Technical  Adviser & Event Planner

Aniket Jadhav

Akshay Goriwale- Video Editor and Cameraman

Akshay Goriwale



 Akshay Vete – Technical Advisor and Tech Writer



Sumit Bhanushali – Online Marketing and Publicity 

Sumit Bhanushali


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